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Hi third driving lesson today -?

(had a few about 30 years ago but forgot most of it)... I have however driven (rode) a motorcycle for about 20 years so I know the roads...problem is my driving instructor gets annoyed with me cos I am hesitant at roundabout then stalled and panicked so just sat there with loads of people behind me... and he made no secret that he was highly annoyed with me, and that I had obstructed the traffic, but in my mind I was 'better safe than sorry ' mode because of the panic feeling (and a boy racer behind me who was very impatient) and raced past me onto the roundabout which I felt was unsafe and it put me off... So instead of swearing (which unfortunately I did on the first lesson out of stress, in a similar situation) I expressed to the instructor that perhaps I shouldn't be learning (with him)... anyway, the lesson continued, and I felt ok, having kept my cool better despite the grievous (in his opinion) mistake. Also he was on his phone most of the lesson, and playing kind of suggestive music.. (well i live in the Caribbean so I wonder if I would find anyone with a more professional attitude - sorry to say....). Should I cancel my lessons with him or continue... he is not terrible but not the model of proffessionalism and patience I would wish for...


Hi third driving lesson today - should I continue next week?

Update 2:

Hi third driving lesson today - should I continue with the same instructor??

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  • Pearl
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    rnaybe you should get sorneone else to teach you

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