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Will I be fired for this?

So I went out to lunch on Friday and got careless and had too much to drink. I came back to the office and felt really sick, so I went straight to the bathroom in case I needed to vomit. I was in there for a while, and one of the managers, not mine but one who is friendly with me, found me and offered to take me home. I probably looked pretty bad, and since it was maybe only one or two hours since I got back I probably smelled of alcohol. I'm pretty sure she knew I had been drinking even though she never said anything. I left work suddenly without telling my boss or my team where I was going. I also can't be certain she didn't report me or tell anyone. I can't check my work email so I don't know what I'll walk into on Monday.

I have come back to work once in a while after drinking, but it has never affected my performance. My boss has talked to me about it, and my friends and I have cut back a lot. My boss doesn't care so much that I drink if I don't spend too much time away from my desk. I also have never come in late or left early without giving some kind of notice. I just want to know if there's a good chance I'll be fired for this?


Just to clarify, when I was lectured by my boss, it wasn't about drinking, it was about taking long lunches and spending too much time out of the office. These aren't everyday. At our worst it was once a week, but we've cut it down to more like one or two times a month. In terms of drinking too much this is my first offense and will definitely be my last.

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    Considering you've already admitted to being warned ('talked to') about this issue before, they very well could fire you depending on the company's policies.

    With many companies, showing up to work drunk is grounds for immediate dismissal.

    At the very least, expect some sort of discipline, be it a suspension or worse.

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    If you work in my office, yes

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    Yes, there's a good chance you will be fired. Expect it.

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    You should be fired for it. Might get lucky.

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  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    you'll find out rnonday, rnaybe you should quit drinking and then you wont have these issues

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I couldn’t care less. You’re too stupid to be concerned for you.

  • Kelley
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    5 months ago

    Stop drinking. Ask Jesus Christ in your head to give you the strength to do this. Also ask God to give you a second chance in your job.

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