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Should I give up on getting my email back? Yahoo is no help.?

I was able to access an old email i've had for 12 years? or so with just the name and password about a year ago. I got the account recovery to my new number and things were fine. but because i use non-contract phones my number tends to change. There was never a problem till my account wanted me to get another text to verify my number. now when i try to sign it only gives me the option to fill out the rest of my old phone number, or click i do not have access. if i click i do not have access it gives me the uh oh message and tells me i cant sign in. I dont know what to do. This email is tied to alot of different accounts and its very frustrating that yahoo has no real support unless you pay money? But that doesnt help me cause i cant tie it to that account because i cant sign in!


It tells me i cant sign in because i have no other recovery options. When i know before this account had recovery questions also thats how i got it back in the first place.

3 Answers

  • 12 months ago

    We take your account's privacy and security very seriously, and we'll only let you reclaim an account if you can prove you're the rightful owner.

    When you register for an account, it's up to you to provide the most up-to-date and valid recovery info. Your best option to avoid losing access is to update your recovery info if you get a new phone number or change your alternate email address.

    To get in to your account you need to use the sign-in helper at which will send a code to the recovery phone or email that only you have access to. If you don't have access to recovery you can't recover.

    It is an automated system, if you don't have the needed tools no one can help you.

    Make a new account and be sure your keep recovery up to date to avoid problems like this in the future.

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  • 12 months ago

    i would contact yahoo about it and rnaybe they can help you with it

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  • Sharon
    Lv 7
    12 months ago

    It depends on how old it is and when it was last used. It no longer exists if it has not been used in over a year. Yahoo deletes old and inactive accounts after 12 months of non-use.

    • Trenton12 months agoReport

      would it still ask me for my number to the account like that if it was deleted? it is an old account but im sure i used it within the last year but this has been a problem for awhile. whenever i get the courage to pain myself i try to sign in and recover

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