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How to get rid of these?

I have these spots all over my legs and they make me really insecure and I don’t even wanna wear shorts/show my legs anymore. I’m 15 so I know they can’t be age spots, and I don’t go outside often so I don’t think it’s from the sun. But how can i get rid of these? Someone please help :( It’s so embarrassing

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  • 1 year ago

    A lot of times spots like these disappear with adequate sunshine - so get some sun for your health

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  • zeno
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    1 year ago

    Solve the real problem ... This might hurt a

    Little but it will reduce pain Your entire life.

    Ok? Most girls are superficial and focus too

    Much on their looks and the looks of others.

    So try to think long term. Every year going

    Forward in everyone's life they age and their

    Looks diminish a little bit every day. So learn

    To appreciate what you currently have that

    Works and looks ok. Learn to appreciate what

    You have and feel sympathy for people who

    Don't even have the things you have. Many

    People don't even have legs. They were born

    Without them or lost them in a accident or

    While in the military or working a hard job.

    Put things into perspective. Most guys will

    Over look your imperfections as long as you

    Support them and make their life easier and

    Nicer being with you. Learn how to repair

    Stuff and manage stuff and keep everything

    Organized and how to clean everything so

    You can help yourself and your family. Ok?

    Embrace the health you have and maintain it

    And preserve it with a healthy diet and regular

    Exercise. Good luck. Life is complex and hard

    To stay happy or content the entire way through


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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Just cut your legs off. It's not a big deal. Nowdays you can buy a wheelchair and even move faster than walking people.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Did you get bitten by fleas or other bugs (bed bugs, mosquitoes) within the last few years and scratch it? It might fade over time. I can t tell if it s little bruises or old bug bites. Ask your doctor.

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