Skyrim: How do I level up my Smithing really fast?

Hi, I was just playing the Pieces of the past quest to get Mehrunes Razor and killed the two Dremoras that Mehrunes Dagon set on me and I had a look at the Daedric Armor that the Dremoras were wearing and thought it looked awesome and that I'd have a go at crafting it when I got back to Whiterun to drop off my Treasure at my house but my Smithing skill was at 17 as I don't do a whole lot of Smithing. Someone told me a really fast way to level it up to 100 was to craft a lot of Iron Daggers but someone else said to craft tons of plain gold rings but I'm playing on the Nintendo Switch version so I don't know which method to use and I already have the materials I would need to craft the Daedric Armor ready in my house. I do not want to use the Atronach Forge in the College of Winter hold as I encountered the glitch with Daedric Boots not appearing in my inventory and it made me so angry that I deleted my save data as I thought this glitch was fixed in this version of the game.

So should I forge a ton of Iron Daggers or Gold Rings to get it to go up. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Name: Craig

Race: Nord

Level: 21

Followers: Jenassa (Wife)

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  • Raditz
    Lv 6
    5 months ago
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    The easiest and cheapest way was craft Iron Daggers, with the experience buffs from either the Lovers Stone (need to go to the stone in east of Markarth; gives +15% exp bonus), Lover's Comfort (need to have a house + wife, and complete some quests; gives +15% exp bonus), or Well Rested (sleep on the bed that you own, or at the inn; gives +10% exp bonus).

    For easy smithing + mining ores, go to Riverwood. There's a Blacksmith there, which you can use to smith the weapons, and also an Iron Mine just south of the town called "Embershard Mine", which you can mine if you need free ores.

    Craft the Daggers until you ran out of ores, and then sell it to the stores in the town. You can also buy ores/ingots with the money you got from selling daggers.

    But if you got loads of money and/or Gold Ore/Ingots, then yeah, craft Gold Ring instead of Iron Daggers. This is because 1 Gold Ingot will become 2 Gold Rings, which gives you more exp than the daggers.

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