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Can corgis hurt you? Or hurt them selfs?

Since daschunds and other small breeds can hurt them selfs. Can a corgi hurt themself badly? Like really badly

Can corgis hurt you? Just like small breeds? Since small breeds can hurt you.


I meant like a break a bone. Lose a tooth. Is it that easy??

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    Of only 3 dogs who have bitten me in anger, one was a Corgi, so in that respect, yes. As for hurting themselves. Unlikely. They could chew excessively however which eventually would harm, if not hurt.

    Corgis were bred to be herding cattle dogs. So in that respect, they can nip human ankles.

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      Thanks. I knew they could hurt us and themselves. But I asked because I wanted to know how they can hurt people and themselves. BEST ANSWER.

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    ANY dog can potentially get injured.

    And if you seek out the cheapest breeder, you have an increased risk of dealing with genetic issues.

    Corgis are prone to hip displasia, degenerative disc disease, epilepsy and VWB

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      I know

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  • Pearl
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    i would hope not, ask your vet about it

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