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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceOther - Education · 12 months ago

Awards evening I was invited to?

I was invited to my school’s awards assembly and it’s in 3 weeks I’ll find out what subject I got it for on the day I really want to get it for computer science because it’s my best subject

My computing teacher announced a month ago that she nominated someone in my class for the award and everyone said that it was going to be me and she then said that I would’ve been her second choice The class then said that it would be this other person but he didn’t get invited to the assembly

I’ve talked to my friends about this and they said that it is going to be me and I also have this instinct that I got the computer science award because I did extra coding at home and asked for more work that I can complete I was also invited to a computing school trip that only 7 others were invited to My teacher also is a feminist and encourages other girls so I have a feeling that she did pick a girl (could be me) she also picked me as a “computing star” earlier this year

However, there’s this other girl who went on this computing trip and is in my class that did get invited to the awards assembly (but I think she was picked for Spanish because my god she is talented at speaking the language) but she has lower predicted grades than me and isn’t as enthusiastic at the subject and doesn’t contribute much

I’m sorry if I sound incredibly narcissistic but I want someone else’s views on this because I really want to get this award and I can’t stop thinking about it so please tell me your thoughts

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  • 12 months ago

    It does SOUND like it's going to be you, but there's no way for us to know any better than you would. I would suggest however that in the future you at least TRY to use punctuation when you write. Perhaps you're texting on your phone, and punctuation is inconvenient, but not using it makes you appear uneducated and you're clearly not.

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    • choko_canyon
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      12 months agoReport

      That's not the case, random_person. If you run out of space in the question area, you can add more in the 'details' section and it will all be posted. Use punctuation from now on, for your own sake.

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