Is it possible I that I'm danger right now? How can I know for sure?

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    5 months ago

    We are constantly in danger; a plane can crash to your current location at anytime.

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    of course you're in danger right now. we all are. the possibilities for harm are virtually endless. most of these sources of harm are beyond our ability to control, and are very remote so they are not worth worrying about very much. sure the dooms day commit will strike the earth its just a matter of time. but the odds of it happening in our life time are very slim.

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    Yes, one just knows.

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  • Life is danger. To live is to risk. To endeavour we might die. But should we stay huddled in our beds with the curtains closed like some pathetic wretch?

    What do we risk by not living? We risk regret. That had lived and we didn’t. If we live we just regret our choices. But if we do not live we are just sad.

    Live as though the axe were at your back and never stop. Pain is nothing. We know we feel that we are alive. We feel our life.

    Do not look back. Do not slow. Never stop.

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      Totally you right now:

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  • 5 months ago

    It's possible, one never knows for sure. In fact, it's often when you feel 100% safe that you are the most vulnerable.

    I'm not trying to promote paranoia, it's just that safety is always relative and never absolute.

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