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Is being a real estate agent easy money if you have a good listing?

Here's my theory:

It takes a great salesman to sell a dump, but anyone can sell a nice house.

In fact, if I had a listing for a nice house in a good area with a good school district, then I wouldnt actually be selling real estate, the real estate would sell itself.

I'm just the guy they sign the forms with.

Aside from the hard work and dedication you have to put in to build a client base and get to that point, is it smooth sailing once you get there?

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    You have NO IDEA what a realtor does, do you? A listing agent isn’t selling a used car. They aren’t actively schilling. They are there to answer questions and if they are present for the showing, for pointing out attributes. Hard sells are for time shares and new multi family properties.

    A good house in a good neighborhood needs to be priced right, to fit the market, to be available for showings, etc. You aren’t just there to hold the seller’s hand.

    Getting offers on “a dump” can actually be really easy. I looked at a “dump” that was correctly priced and had 23 offers on it the first week it was listed. The difficulties come with disclosures and liability and financing and inspections and negotiations...

    It sounds like you’re lazy and can’t even be bothered to learn about what an agent does. I’d say you’re an immature moron, but I won’t, partially because it’s mean and partially because the site won’t let me.

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    No. Getting those listings is the hardest part, and there are not always good times in this business. Surviving in the bad times is what people with your mindset never do.

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    Any house will sell. It's about getting your client the best deal (usually highest price) possible. A nice house in a good area that you try to sell for 20% above market isn't going to work. The same house listed at 20% below market will sell quickly but you've just cost your client (and yourself) a bunch of money. A good agent knows how to set the price to get the most offers and highest sale price.

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    Everybody wants something different in a house. For example, some people would love a pool at their house, they enjoy pool parties -- but some people would avoid a house with a pool... for safety, clean up and cost reasons.

    So houses don't always sell themselves.

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    It can be fairly easy if you are really good at getting the listings. You still have to be a great salesman but great at selling the sellers on choosing you as their agent. Also may want to represent buyers and that can be alot of work. Its not so bad if you have the knack for it but like anything that pays well there is plenty of competition and plenty of people fail at it.

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    In my experience with real estate agents, the ones at the top worked hard to get there and continue to work hard afterward (because there always people that want take you place the top). I know of no successful agent that treats it like smooth sailing once they got to the top. Good agents bring with them contractors to fix or redo minor things either before or after the sale, people to help stage the house, are in constant contact with their clients, and set or attend open houses. They work with many other people to sell the home.

    A client base only goes so far as generally an individual client will only sell a home a very few times in his life time.

    Most clients (even if they have a home that sells itself) are not going to go with an agent that just lists it. I would want an agent that will aggressively brings people to look at the property and they want someone to help negotiate the best price for the home.

    Typically a home sale pays 6% in the commission. 3% for the listing agent that is usually split between the agent and the firm they work for and 3% for the sales agent that is usually split with their firm. That means if all you do is list a home as an agent you'll only make about 1.5% commission, which comes out to an average of about $3400 per sale (based on the national average price). So in order to make a decent living on listings, you would have to sell 20 homes a year. In a business where markets go up and down.

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