Agree or Disagree? The people who switch to different jobs every couple months and can't keep one job has not matured enough yet?

If you cant keep a job without quitting or getting fired, tells me they have problems and not ready for careers. And maybe these people should be on disability income or some sort of medication to straiten up their minds so they can get their **** together

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Why do other people's lives concern you so much? There are many individual circumstances that might be going on that you haven't a fkin clue about. just mind your own business, dufus! Maybe you need to further your education, especially with spelling, the word is straighten, not straiten.

    • Dont5 months agoReport

      Because I have enough freetime in the world to focus how others are living their lives. Is that a problem?

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