Help with strange internet connection behavior when my computer is connected to big screen TV?

I have been pondering this issue for a while now. The problem is that my internet connection really slows down when I connect my laptop to my big screen TV.

Let me first explained what happened as it was not always like this. When I first moved to this appartment there was no problem. Internet connection was running at full speed all the time.

When I first noticed this problem I thought it had something to do with the Internet supplier, because the whole appartment building changed to another supplier. It is known that this new supplier doesn't hold the same quality as the previous one so I just blamed the internet supplier, since the problem started around the same time as the new supplier came into the picture.

But it got worse and worse over time. At first the speed was only cut in half, but gradually during the course of the following year the connection just got slower and slower with time until it almost vanished completely.

My laptop is always connected to the TV, so at this point I didn't know that this only happenes when the TV is plugged in, I was ready to call the internet supplier when I just by accident noticed that the speed goes up to normal when I unplug the USB cable to the TV.

So it can't be the internet supplier like I first suspected.

Here's a list of reasons of why I can't pinpoint exactly what the problem is:


1. I later recalled that around the same time that we changed internet supplier, I had a big screen smart TV of latest technology and it was no problem with it. But it broke and I had to use an older one. So I thought: Ok it's the TV, maybe the older TV just can't handle internet connections. But then again what does the TV has to do with it? But it is suspiscious that it started when my new TV broke.

Update 2:

2. Mabye it's just the USB cable? But then again, I used the same cable with the former TV when there was no problem at all.

3. Or is it the combination USB cable/older TV that is causing it. But why did it get worse over time. Why was it not as bad at first. It may be the older TV or USB cable, but it took almost a year for it to get really bad.


Update 3:

4. Another strange thing is that on some days, It actually works for a couple of hours and the speed is sometimes even almost good (but never full speed) But it only works short periods of time

Most of the time though, as soon as the USB cable connect the computer to the TV, internet connection becomes almost zero or sometimes even vanished completely.

Does anyone know what could be casuing this? (Sorry for the long question but I had to explain thouroughly)

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  • 5 months ago
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    There are some odd behaviors of internet connections when the TV is involved. I had the same thing happen and we had 5 techs over 5 days come out to try and diagnose it. i finally started pulling items off the router one at a time until I found what the culprit was. In my case it was a Kindle Stick attached to the HDMI and powered through a USB also on the TV.

    I think it has something to do with the USB and HDMI/video connections that the TV uses to connect and carry signal.

    Long story short: You have already found theproblem. Connecting your laptop to the TV causes the problem. See if there is another way of connecting your laptop to the TV to view. either switch to VGA (if available) or see if some sort of 'casting' software will allow you to view your laptop on the TV without a live connection.

    (What internet provider do you use? )

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Check the configurations out.

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