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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsSkin Conditions · 12 months ago

What causes a red spot on your nipple?

Been there a couple of months when I touch it, it disappears and comes back a few seconds after. I’m a girl.

1 Answer

  • 12 months ago

    Red spots or a red rash on the breast can also be a sign of another rare type of breast cancer known as Paget's disease of the breast or Paget's disease of the nipple.It then spreads to the dark skin around the nipple, which is known as the areola.Red spots on the breast are usually symptoms of a rash or other skin condition.Less commonly,they can also be a visual sign of breast cancer.

    Other possible causes of red spots:

    ●Nipple dermatitis

    ●Breast abscess

    ●Mammary duct ectasia


    Other rashes:


    ●Atopic dermatitis





    ●Seborrheic dermatitis


    Following symptoms:

    changes in the breast skin

    new spots or rashes on the breast

    severe pain

    swelling, warmth, and redness of the breast


    wounds that do not heal

    fluid leaking from the rash

    red streaks coming from the rash

    A person should also see a doctor for any rash that does not go away after a while or any rash that appears severe or causes other symptoms that raise concerns.

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