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  • Kin
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    6 months ago

    It’s about Ramadan, one of the holiest months of the year which also means a time to reflect on your faith, a time alone to read your Holy Book, to also fast for sake of God alone, a time to be closer to God..and God encourages you to get closer to Him through worship and many acts of worship and fulfilling good deeds sincerely for sake of God. Those who do good for sake of God will not only have immense, lovely rewards although God will increase the rewards because it’s Ramadan.

    Since God is encouraging you to do good for His sake and offering high generous rewards, forgiveness is also part of the good deeds done for sake of God.

    To forgive others is part of the holy month and the one who is seeking God’s pleasure, God’s forgiveness and God’s mercy during this special holy month of Mercy, Forgiveness of sins and more..others would need to sincerely forgive each other, be merciful to others.

    What I see in the video, is about two brothers who somehow have something happened between them and haven’t forgiven each other to the point that they do not speak to one another not even their children.

    One of the brothers offers forgiveness first..goes back to his brother when he visits his brother’s home with his supposed wife and the connection they once had as brothers. It appears the brothers forgive each other during the holy month of Ramadan.

    I’m sure the one who first apologizes to the other, and seeks his forgiveness, God will reward him handsomely.

    I liked the commercial and when it said Ramadan Kariim at the end.

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