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Why did nursery teacher lie to me?

My 4 and a half year old son came home from nursery yesterday, he told me he touched something by accident and teachers shouted at him really loud. I asked him what he touched and he looked very remorseful and repeated it was an accident mama. Well I reassure him that accidents do happen so don’t worry and tell me the what exactly you touched. He calmed down and told me that he touched the “marble jar” and it fell on the floor and broken into million pieces. I asked him if he got hurt, he said he moved back and nearly got bumped into the door behind him. He then told me all the teachers from other class heard the “bang” and they came and shouted at him and told him “why do you touch other people’s things”?

So today when i went to pick my son up, they denied the whole thing and told me “nothing happened”.

At this point i call my son at the scene and ask him to tell what happened yesterday and his reply was “nothing happened” it was just a story.

I was shocked. I know my son and he does not make up stories like that.

I mentioned the incident to them was to find out the exact details and to apologise for my sons mistake. I had no other intention and I wasn’t massively concerned. But now i am!! I know my son and i know for sure he didn’t make all this stuff up.

What do any of you have to say about this? Can anyone think of any reasons why the teachers might be hiding the whole incident from me? Any advice on what to do next, I am having trust issues with the nursery staff now.

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    The one part I find very strange is " “why do you touch other people’s things” all the schools for four year olds I know of all the items are sitting out there FOR the children to play with. So why would they accuse him of touching other people's things. It's also strange they would put the marbles to play with in a breakable jar.

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    When the teachers shouted at him, he was scared about being in trouble, so lying about what happened is natural. The teacher telling you 'nothing happened' is there way of putting the incident behind them and moving on, which suggests that he has been forgiven.

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    It's possible the child heard something like this once happened, and transferred it to himself.

    You CANNOT know that the teachers are lying, any more than you can be certain your son isn't.

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    There is no reason for the teacher to lie to you and they didn't. Your child made up this story/lie for some reason.

    This is very common for children of that age and not really a big deal in the long run as long as YOU are dealing with it appropriately which it doesn't seem like you are at this point. The child is now learning that whatever they say you will take as the truth.

    It is concerning that you think your child could never make up a story/lie like this that you can't tell and now you actually beleive there is some giant conspiracy at your child's school.

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    Maybe your son is not being truthful-I know the little darling never tells lies, never does anything wrong, so of course he is always truthful.

    What reason would they have to lie to you? It was only a jar of marbles, that they didn't seem to even care about, so no reason for them to lie to you

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    Your 4 1/2 year old son is learning how to lie.

    This is normal, read some child development books about how you should deal with it.

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