Why do people hate millennials so much ?

As a millennial myself I just been feeling like other generations can't stand us

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  • ?
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    1 year ago

    Because you all are lame, weak, whiney, cowards, beta, worry about what everybody thinks about you, a zz kissing, dumb google brained, boring and fake acting. With your plastic ugly fake faces and bodies and fake personalities that go with it. Millennials 24-36 years old motto is don't be rude to me or I'll cry... be fake. Generation X the 37-55 year olds and generation Y the 23 and unders (their kids with the same bad azz alpha genes) motto is Keep it Real. Millennials have ruined the strong brave image of America and it's people in so many ways which other strong alpha generations have set.

    Like I say millennials are the most useless generation ever born

    UPDATE: You can thumb it down all you want because you don't like. But you can't deny it

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    No1 hâťės us this is all made up internet

    propaganda used to stir up drama for

    the pure sake of inventing "news" story


  • 1 year ago

    There is no special hatred for Millennials among other generations (while of course there are always certain individuals within every generation who are eager to express hatred for this group or that - THAT is normal). It might just be that social media, which was just getting started in their parents' generation, being now more robust and pervasive, serves to make the usual malcontents seem to be in the majority.

    As children socialize in a school setting - gathered together and temporarily away from parental influence - it's natural for them to devise social behaviour that is deliberately different from their parents. That tendency is strongly amplified in adolescence, when children want to be independent and do things of which their parents disapprove. As a result - each generation is alienated from the preceding, and from the subsequent generations. It's inevitable. Much of the "hatred" you allude to arises from this natural state of affairs, which is NOT unique to the Millennials.

    What you call "hatred" is actually just misunderstanding and parent-like disapproval. The Greatests felt it for the Boomers; the Boomers felt it for the Xers, and the Xers proclaim it through social media for the Millennials. It's nothing to get all defensive about. Each generational cohort is sure the others are all a bit off in the head.

  • 1 year ago

    You could say that I'm an older Millenial (born in '84) though I relate more to Generation Y. Weirdly enough that is grouped along WITH the Millenials!

    Millenials have a bad rap mainly due to true and untrue rumors they have about them (lazy, entitled, spoiled, doesn't know much about the happy old days, too much into technology, disrespectful "youth" even though many of them are parents already!)...

    The only way to combat this is to stand your ground and NOT be affected by people who judge you negatively based on where you get grouped by simply because of when you were born! If you are a kind, mature, and respectful individual, it will show through your actions REGARDLESS of age!

    Also, it's not like the older/previous generations have really made it easy for the newer generations! They've left a lot of bad marks with the world! For example during the 2008 Great "Recession" who were the ones that bought and approved the stupid sub prime home loans?! It definately wasn't the "Young Loan Officer Millenials"! It was most likely the people from Generation X and older who was already working in that field! The Millenials were too young to buy homes then! Unless you were a RICH 20 something year old that had your parent's money, I DOUBT a Millenial contributed to any of the housing downfall! And the RISE in home prices! That was a "natural" inflation thing mixed in there too! Also, the government doesn't really help. Society does NOT help either! They ENABLE a lot of the bad things that are happening in this world! The teachers and school administrators DON'T always report and untolerate school bullying. The parents are overworked and too stressed to parent properly! So many things WRONG with this world and society that it has to be overhauled! Maybe completely or gradually but as long as there is something that will be done, then there will be hope. Otherwise yikes!

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  • Mike
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    1 year ago

    Millennials as a group seem to feel they are entitled to have everything their way without paying for it, without consequences to their actions, without responsibility.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Most older generations kind of roll their eyeballs at the younger generation and babble about how spoiled they are and the world is going to hell. Most of that has to do with younger people lacking the maturity, life experience and common sense that people 30 years older than them have. Millennials will probably do the same thing when they are over 50. And hey, so far the sky hasn't fallen even though every older generation says impending doom is on the horizon.

    That being said, there IS - no doubt - a special disdain for millennials. I honestly think part of it has to do a tiny bit with jealousy. Many of us older folks had to put up with a whole lot of crap during our lives - whether it was being patted on our butt by a boss, living in the closet, conforming to a gender role, etc. We didn't have good support systems, nor did we have technology/easy access to information/communication.

    Millennials benefit from the gains we worked for decades to make without having any real awareness of what life USED to be like. They take it for granted. And they too are looking at the way things are now and saying they want more, they deserve better, things are screwed up, etc. They seem to think they should feel happy all the time and that any feeling of nervousness or sadness somehow translates into "I can't do that because I have social anxiety or depression". They want better, but they totally lack common sense and any tolerance for mild discomfort. They come across as weak, illogical and self-entitled.

    Only time will tell how millennials will stack up over time. They are definitely a generation of innovators. They're going to create technologies that we haven't dreamed of. They're going to cure Alzheimer's and colonize Mars, but it will be interesting to see what kinds of values they instill in THEIR children and how those kids turn out. I hope I'm here to see it.

  • 1 year ago

    The older generation always, without exception, hates the younger one.

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