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If John Lennon had reformed the Beatles in 1981 without McCartney would it have been a success?



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    well john did write some good stuff after the beatles so i'd say yes

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    Who knows, but as he was murdered in 1980 he could not have done that could he? ringo and george would not have been interested anyway.

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    1 year ago

    Yes but it wouldnt have been immediate.

    The group hated each other by that time and any reunion they had would have been forced.

    Any album they released as a result would have also been forced and sounded forced and uninspired.

    So lets say they reform in 1981 and release an album that same year.

    It would have taken about three or so uninspired albums and 3 years to get back to top form.

    But they would have come out good in probably 1985 (on their 3rd try), and if they had stuck with it they would have probably ended up with superstar status and a 5 star album by 1990.


    Wait you are saying without McCartney? No would have flopped. My answer was based on WITH McCartney.

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    The only way this would work is if Scott Stapp was born 20 years earlier and could fill in for Paul McCartney.

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  • It wouldn't have been the Beatles, as Lennon didn't own the name outright.

    it would have been John Lennon doing heroin and spending his time whining with George about how mean Paul was, which is exactly what they did do. Oh and Ringo would have been there.

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    The only way to reunite the Beatles in 1981 would have been three more bullets.

  • No Anyway He Was Already Dead So He Could Not Make A New Version Of The Beatles

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    1 year ago

    Yes. Lennon was the only talented member of that overrated group

  • It would have gotten a lot of attention I know that.

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    Let's see. John, George, Ringo and Yoko. Yoko would have insisted. John would have agreed. With that combo, no it would have been a flat out failure.

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