How expensive is it to travel in Europe?

My senior trip is coming up and I’m trying to find where my traveling limit is based on price. I’m content with one country but I would love to go to at least three. I’m not naive in thinking it will be cheap but I’m curious as to how expensive it really is. I know there are trains you can ride so that’s another option which to me didn’t seem insanely expensive but I likely misunderstood. And how expensive is it to stay in hotels in Europe? Is it pretty average or higher? Is going to three countries a major splurge? We don’t know many who have been to Europe but one said it’s cheaper to travel within Europe. But she is solely a first class flier and will never downgrade lol. I’m sorry this is all over the place but hopefully you understand enough to give me a somewhat answer.

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  • AJ
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    6 months ago

    Senior Trip as in your Senior Class Trip? all your transportation costs will be part of the cost your parents will have to pay upfront. You will travel per the itinerary that has been predefined as well as stay in the hotel they tell you to.

  • Zirp
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    6 months ago

    Travel? See for yourself on websites of flixbus,, blablacar

    Hotels? If you are lucky you can find a bed for 10 euro a night. Couchsurfing (or its esperantist equivalent Pasporta Servo) is even cheaper. "Real" hotels cost 50 euro a night or more

  • 6 months ago

    Five star hotels in the big city centres are expensive.

    Student dorms and hostels are cheap.

    Express trains can be expensive. Local slower trains are not expensive.

    Up to you if you go hundreds of miles a day here another day over there. Travel all day and get someplace just to find a sleeping place.

    Travel at night sleep on the train saves a Hotel room.

    Expect a reasonable and cheap adventure to be about €100 per day. Your price can be much higher or a little lower depending what it is you want to do and see.

    The nightly party at a nightclub is expensive. Lots of FREE and cheaper things are also available.

    Figure out what you can afford to spend. You then plan your travel to your budget. Suggest you investigate some student travel sites for some inexpensive things to do.

    Summer flights can be expensive. Up to you to search out the cheaper longer routes.

    The big search sites look for the fastest way from A to B not the cheapest possible way if you are willing to have a longer stop between flights maybe take a longer route with an extra plane change to save some money.

    You do not have to go and come back from the same Airport. Explore a bit for your to Europe travel and then a return from some other place.

    You can save money staying near the big city and using public transit day passes to travel about for your adventures. You pay a premium to sleep walking distance to the city centre.

    ay want to get he help of a travel agent to assist you with your plans. Main thing to book is your first nights sleep and your last nights sleep near your departure Airport.

    Travel to Basel and you can visit three countries easily in one day.

    France is much more than just Paris, The Netherlands is more than just Amsterdam. Up to you to search out the tens of thousands of possible other places to explore within your budget.

    Pack good WALKING shoes. As a tourist you do a lot of walking.

    You may want to consider doing part of your adventure with a group. This place has been around for over 50 years.

  • 6 months ago

    It rather depends where you're going in Europe, and what you consider 'expensive' or 'average'

    Generally, cities can be expensive (certainly you can spend a lot in London); but there's generally options available for different budgets

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