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How do I make my room cooler?

So normally my bedroom is above 80 F, which is way beyond my comfort zone. The reason being is that I own a bearded dragon, which requires a heat lamp, as well as a gaming computer which puts out a lot of heat. I have a ceiling fan going 24/7, but the only thing that really does it circulate hot air. The rest of the house is about 76 F, which is where I want it. My room is only 12x12 ft, so it gets really hot really fast. If anyone knows a good way to make my room cooler, advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Ceiling fans have a reverse setting, might try that.

  • elhigh
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    You get points just for having realistic temperature desires. I know far too many people who would be absolutely horrified at the prospect of having to try to survive in the withering heat of 76 degrees.

    Add insulation to the underside and back wall of the dragon's tank. If his tank is in a corner, insulate both sides that are against walls There's no point in letting that heat leak out any faster than it needs to. The thermostat will adjust the heat so the dragon doesn't overheat but meanwhile the tank will be pumping heat into your room a bit slower.

    Look into whether the dragon needs the heat lamp all the time, or if providing him with a hot rock would be more effective. The hot rock will leak a LOT less heat into your room than an entire hot tank.

    Turn the ceiling fan off when you're not there. It's only moving air, it doesn't actually cool anything. Moving air blows your heat off YOU, but does no actual cooling below ambient temperature.

    Turn off the gaming computer when you aren't playing. Don't sleep it, turn it off.

    Place a box fan in your doorway, pointing in. Set it on LOW. THIS fan you may want to leave on all the time. Cool air will blow in at floor level and warm air near the ceiling will flow out at the upper part of the door.

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    These procedure to make room cooler

    1. Dehumidify.

    2. Reduce and reflect sunlight.

    3. Turn off lights when not in use.

    4. Be smart about your doors.

    5. Don't cook inside.

    6. Put smooth white fabric covers on your furniture.

    7. Open windows at both ends of the house.

    8. Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise.

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    use green trees

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    5 months ago

    Sounds like you spend way too much time in that room. Go outside !!!! It's a big, beautiful world !!!!

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    open the a/c vent all the way. then, when no one is looking, close other a/c vents in the house a small amount -- the idea is to funnel more of the treated 'cold' air into your room.

    of course, you could turn off the heat lamp a few hours a day, too. read about your lizard's ability to survive and thrive at temps of 76 and higher. {Hint: nights in the deserts can become cold and lizards survive just fine.}

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    Do you have a window that will hold a small double fan? We keep one at home in a window upstairs to draw the cool AC air up and blow the warm air out during the summer. Link takes you to one at Walmart on sale for $21.50 for the cheapest one.

    I have no heat or AC (or window) in my office, relying mainly on adjoining rooms to draw in air or heat. In the winter I have a space heater and I keep a small clip-on fan on it to blow the warm air around. In the summer I blow the fan into a plastic basin with cold packs from the freezer. This is the cheap, home version of an evaporative cooler, which start at about $40 at Home Depot for small tabletop models. Both ideas work a little better than nothing.

  • 5 months ago

    A portable AC unit, geez are you that oblivious to old technology?

    • Sgt_Anarchy5 months agoReport

      No, but I'm broke as hell. Plus, the way make windows work, you cant even put one in. The windows are taller than I am.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Did you happen to open your vent? Unless you want to suffocate.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    This might blow your mind, but have you tried keeping your door open?

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