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It feels so helpless dealing with the owed money I didn't owe?

1 years and 8 months ago my son got into ER for his broken arm. I received few bills from the hospital and paid them accordingly. The last bill was $136.30, which I paid. I have proof of payment evidence for it. For the past over a year, I first got calls/mails from the hospital to ask for the money. I provided proof of payment evidence by fax and mail on different occasions. However the account was turned to collection agency anyway. You know what, the agency told me unknown stories that this amount was refunded to me by error. I looked all my accounts to see such refund. Nope, I don't see any. My credit score is down substantially due to the collection. Telling them they made a mistake doesn't help. I'm about to give up. I will give them the $136.30 to make them go away. It has been too much of my time spent on this. Unless someone tells me there is a way out, I will just give them the money. Feels so defeated!

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    Tell them if its not taken off your credit and stop bothering you then your going to sue. And as ling as you have proof you paid do it if they don't

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      Guess I need to fight for this a bit further.

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    It's in collections? Send them a letter saying you don't owe it. Show proof you paid it, proof you tried to resolve it, and ask them to stop collections and correct your credit. They likely will.

    If not, you just need to talk to the right person/department at the hospital. This runaround is typical. Just keep calling and trying to talk to a relationship manager or someone who handles more than just billing. They call them different things, but you want to get to whatever that person is for that institution. The billing department won't help you. Escalate, keep calling, annoy them if you have to, they are hoping you'll go away, well make them put in the extra effort to get you to stop calling. Talk to different departments until you get to the right person.

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    Tell them:

    - I have provided proof several times that I have paid this bill.

    - If you can't get your records straight, please take me to court so I can show the judge that the bill has been paid.

    Send each of the credit bureaus a letter with proof that the bill has been paid and they will remove the negative account from your record.

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    Write to them telling them that you do not accept the debt and will contact the financial ombudsman.

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    Pay the bill to clear up your credit. Get a lawyer to review the account in full and see if there's a discrepancy. If there is get your lawyer to demand a refund, and also demand the hospital pay the legal bill.

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      I wouldn't do that! The collection agency would think they can get away with billing fraud.

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