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Would you support your boyfriend if he wanted to quit his job?

My boyfriend wants to quit his job and become a professional gambler. He asked me if I would pay for the rent and support him for the next few months while he played cards. I’m worried though whenever he tries to gamble as a professional (that means 3 weeks straight of being at a casino to try it out) he has lucky days and usually ends up breaking even. I have a good job and I would support if he wanted to do something more reliable like let’s say start a business? He has a good job and works with his hands, has a pension but he’s not happy with his job and I keep encouraging him to switch job sites with a new boss. I also have reservation because he doesn’t want to get married and there’s never been a real commitment except let’s ‘save’ and I pay for his bills.

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    Terrible idea. And it's even worse if "cards" doesn't mean Poker. But I'll assume it's Poker.

    The first red flag is that he'd need you to cover the bills at first. That makes no sense. If someone is making enough at poker to turn pro, I can't think of any valid reason they couldn't contribute to the bills from Day 1 as a pro. Hypothetically if he were ready to go pro, he'd have already saved up a bankroll from his poker profits, which he'd use as his poker bankroll going forward, and he'd have no doubt that he'd continue profiting.

    Another red flag is that you say he has to "try it out". One isn't ready to go pro if they're still in the trying phase. A sensible person doesn't go pro until their sample size is large enough to rule out the possibility that they've simply been lucky. (By the way, 3 weeks is way too small of a sample size.) He should already know his hourly profit rate within several dollars and the low end of it should be good. He should have a poker log with all of his sessions containing the net profit and the start/end time, which he should be willing to show you.

    He shouldn't quit his job yet (if ever); he can play in his free time and build his sample size (and poker bankroll, if he's actually cut out for it). IMO he's unlikely to succeed if this stuff isn't already obvious to him.

    Plus if we're to take literally that he has only been "breaking even" so far, then how in the world is this even a discussion? How does one make a living earning $0/hr?

    If you were to ask this on a poker forum or even r/poker, the answers you get wouldn't be any different.

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    Gambling is a quick way to lose money and end up homeless on the streets.

    Do not be a mug. Drop this clown, if he wants to gamble, he should do it with his own money. Remember that if you do bankroll him you could also end up without any cash.

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    I would never financially subsidize an individual trying to make money at a casino. It is not a viable career alternative.

    Casino games are designed so that in the long run the casino will always make money from gamblers. They are also designed so that any individual who spends a lot of time gambling will have winning streaks, building up their confidence and giving them a reason to keep coming back.

    Gamblers are usually relatively evasive about their net profits and losses at casinos, saying things like they "usually break even" or they are much more vocal about their successes than their failures.


    As a person who had a good job with a good pension, and is currently retired living off that pension, I can tell you that is a true blessing. Giving that up would be financially a poor decision. If he could support himself at a casino he could also supplement his income by playing during at times he is not working.

    Your advice about trying to improve his work environment is sound advice.

    Source(s): I have spent a lot of time over a lot of decades gambling.
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    I'm all for chasing one's dreams but this is ridiculous. He wants you to handle everything while he goes out and doesn't contribute a damn thing.

    Drop this clown. He strikes me as a user, not someone who's willing to be an equal partner in life.

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    If i were mentally insane i'd go along with this.

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    If he only breaks even, he in no way will

    make it as a pro. Are YOU a gambler?

    Time for you to grow up and move on.

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    Definitely not. If there is no serious commitment there either, what is the point? Gambling is a slippery slope to begin with, but if that's a step he wanted to take he needs to support himself until he thinks he can make a profit. You're not his mom and he is a grown adult, so he needs to take care of himself. It seems harsh, especially because I understand you care for him, but I really think this needs to be a hard line for you. Good luck!

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    Sounds reasonable I would do it

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