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someone ( i may know ) keeps trying to hack my account?

im a girl and 17 anyway lately i have been getting notifications that someone keels attempting to log into my instagram account. It has happened about 3 times now. Ive recently joined Instagram not long ago so the whole thing is odd.I know it could be anybody but i feel like it might be someone i know because the location where the person tried to hack was local from my area. There’s a few toxic people from my past, ive had a few creepy friends that still stalk around online and talk sh*t about me still. I know this is nothing to do with the situation but i think it could because after all, you never know with some people. I have a strong password so they wouldn’t have no chance in getting in but why would someone want to get into my account?

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    As the saying say the wise walk with the wise also a wise person sees the danger and conceals themselves watch association and who knows too much about you as you said everyone can’t be trusted and there are may motives on social media.

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    It can be the reason someone has same Instagram account you like abc123 and abc321 etc.

    I hope your all doubts are clear. Thanks!!

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    I’d say talk to an adult about it and then go from there.

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    Cancel/erase you Instagram account. Ask Instagram security to investigate. Change security choices. Notify webmaster as well.

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    Maybe you are only opening in a new device

    Log off and then log in if you receive a notification No problem

    If no notice occurs, change the word "pass" and "two-factor authentication"

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    If Instagram won't check this out for you and block that person then change your password to something that is hard and write it down so you don't forget it. You should change passwords every few months on any site and I don't go to any social media site but I change mine on the sites that I administer about once every month or so and I use long and difficult ones which I write down in a log.


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    What's your sex and age got to do with any of this?

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