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How do I get rid of my Cat’s fleas?

My cat just turned 1 year old. I got her when she was about 3 months old and for almost the entire time I’ve had her she’s had fleas. I used advantage on her for 3 months but I couldn’t afford to buy more and the fleas never went away when I applied the medicine. They used to be really bad and I’d use the flea comb and pick off about 30 on her in one sitting. We recently moved about 2 months ago but the fleas came with her because we had no medicine for her before we brought her. I’ve bathed her and put the inside of capsules in her wet food. The capsules help for about 3 days where I don’t see any on her but they end up coming back. The infestation definitely isn’t as bad but I know it’ll get back to where it was with time if I don’t do anything. When I took her to get spayed the vet pointed out to me that she had a lot of fleas but didn’t give any input on how to get rid of them. I’ve sprayed the entire house with harmless spray that is supposed to kill the fleas and washed blankets yet they’re still here. I’m so worried about her because she’s so young and small and just tonight I was petting her and 2 of them were on her head and crawled past her eye when I was trying to get them off and she was meowing in distress and I just don’t know what else to do:( I’d like to take her to the vet soon but I don’t know what to do in the mean time. This has been going on for almost a year and I know she’s so uncomfortable since I see her itching, scratching, and biting herself.

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    Try pet armor plus. It's about $30 for 3 months. It works great.

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    Why the hell did you get a cat if you're so poor you can't even afford flea preventative?

    LOL that the "infestation isn't bad". That's like saying you're "a little pregnant".

    Give this cat up to a no-kill shelter. You have NO business being a pet owner!

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    if you can't afford flea treatment, why did you get a cat, that is selfish......what happens if she has a major illness or injury?

    vets have a newer product called revolution

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    Take the cat back to your vet, or a better vet who will actually help you with the fleas. Have them groom her to fully remove the fleas, and then apply a proper flea product. i'm always nervous about flea products hurting my cats, so I only get them from the vet. They are guaranteed to work and they will not hurt my cat.

    While your cat is at the vet, get a professional to come in and treat the house and yard. yes, you need to treat the outside too even if she doesn't go outside. This is to prevent you from walking through the grass, grabbing a flea, and bringing it inside.

    Fleas have a 30 day life cycle. This means a flea can get used to a product very quickly, so advantage might have been fine for those first couple of months but now they are used to that active ingredient and it won't effect them anymore. Having a professional come in to treat everything will really help, they have access to chemicals you don't, so they can treat the house and kill every single flea.

    This also means that you need to be doing some serious cleaning for 30 days straight. Washing all soft surfaces, vacuuming daily, and generally keeping super clean for a month or more. This will help get any fleas the professional didn't get.

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    You need to treat your cat, spray the whole house, even if the cat never goes in a room you can carry them in on your feet. Vacuum daily and empty the vacuum as you don't want the fleas escaping back into the house ( rare but I have been told it happens ). Wash the cats bedding and other places the cat sleeps where possible. Keep this up until the flea life cycle is broken. Remember the fleas on your cat are only there to feed, they live and breed in your house furniture, beds, carpets and so on, if the cat is covered in fleas as you describe then you have a major infestation in the house. I assume the cat doesn't go out, if it does it can bring in fleas from outside as can you or anyone visiting, on the feet or clothing. Fleas can live in cracks like in flooring for up to 2 yrs until a food source turns up, dog , cat and so on. It is a full scale war when you have a bad infestation, I know I have been where you are now. Good luck

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    You have the option to bathe her with with dish soap- have her soak in it and use a flea comb to comb out the fleas while she's in the bath. Make sure to put the fleas in a bowl of soapy water and after you take her out of the bath make sure to towel her dry and put the towel in the dryer at high for thirty minutes afterwards. You can use rosemary and pulp it up with a blender and then rub it onto your cat.

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    u need to give tablets every day. if u can't afford to give her the proper care then give her away

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    Clean your house Daily very thoroughly don’t forget to vacuum. either contact your vet or get a product that actually works on your cat ... the problem with over-the-counter medications yes you save money but it doesn’t work .... you’ve just found this out and some products are not just a repellent they are actually diluted insecticide you’re putting on your animal directly .

    The problem with frontline and some of the other products is that they have been so overused and such a limited choice that the fleas have become resistant to how the product works the other problem is people just treat once thinking if you’re the problem and they don’t kill the cycle of the kill the fleas but they don’t kill the ones that hatch 10 days later.

    This is why cleaning your house is so crucial you do need to vacuum daily not jut sweep They do make some sprays and powders you can put down that help kill the cycle and they do coat the eggs but some will hatch... it takes one flea to have 1000 babies this cycle about every 10 days this is why if you clean daily for over two weeks and get every nook and cranny wipe all the services down and vacuum your sofa ... and the cushions and chairs cushions and the crannies under them etc. you’ve gotten a good a Good start.

    The cats blankets, cage anything he uses including Scratching post purchase condos etc.then you will be able to defeat the flea cycle. it’s the same for dogs you need to wash anything they come in contact with and make sure everything is cleaned up. This is why cleaning your house is so crucial. you do need to vacuum they do have some powders you can put down that help kill the line please and they do coat the eggs but some will hatch it takes one flea to have 1000 babies this cycle about every 10 days this is why if you clean daily for two weeks and get every nook and cranny wipe all the surfaces down vacuum your sofa and the cushions and chairs etc. wash the cats blankets cage anything he uses then you will be able to defeat the cycle. it’s the same for dogs you need to wash anything they come in contact with and make sure everything is cleaned up.

    What I’ve done for the kitties condo and scratch post that’s carpeted s put them in a plastic bag take the vacuum cleaner hose attachment suck all the air out of them until you can’t suck any more air out .... tape them off and then either put them outside in the garage for about two weeks or anywhere in the house with the cat can’t open them . The fleas will die off since there is nothing to feed on and nothing to continue the cycle it seems harsh but if you can’t vacuum and get the eggs out it’s your only way to defeat them

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