Recording with a Marantz 2225 reciever?

I have one. The question I have is recording. it has ins and outs for tape 1 and tape 2. I remember reading on the manual you can't tape from 1 to the other. I don't remember if you can't record from tape 1 to tape 2 or the other way around. I have a cassette deck and a CD recorder. Anyone know?.

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    If you are recording from a source external to the receiver (not the built in radio) there is no point to running the source through the receiver first.Save for the radio, it is not a direct source itself, just more intervening wiring and circuitry, That just degrades the the source signal. Go directly from the source to the recorder. Invest in a switching ,or simple patching bay to switch sources or route from one external device to another. This avoids any additional hum, degradation or weird boosting from the receiver preamp. Any level changes should be set on the recorder itself. Any bass, balance or treble enhancement is best done on playback with the receiver, or whatever you are playing back on. The main purpose of two tape I/O ports is to accommodate two recorder systems, such as perhaps a reel to reel and a cassette deck. Some may allow a loop on the tape I/O, but its really not a good idea to use them for that. The only exception would be for vinyl records, that want the signal gain and RIAA equalization the phono preamp on the receiver supplies.

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    You can download a manual here:

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    Connect the tape out #1 to the input on the cassette and tape out #2 to the input on the cd. If you need to make a tape of a cd or make a cd of a tape then just connect the two decks directly to each other bypassing the receiver. Very easy.

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      I'm sure he can adjust input on either recorder. Keep it simple.

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    Refer, again, to the Owner's Manual.

    Many receivers of that age gave the option of either recording the source (phono, tuner, etc.)

    or copying from one deck to the other --- usually #1 to 2, but not from #2 to #1.

    Some went the other way, from #2 to #1, but not #1 to #2.

    A few did allow copying in either direction,

    and a small number could, to a certain degree, handle three decks.

    A very handy accessory (I have a few of these)

    is the Radio Shack 42-2115 tape deck switcher.

    It allows one monitor loop on a receiver to handle three decks,

    and you can copy from any deck to either or both of the other two.

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  • 6 months ago

    I would try hooking both to the outputs.

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