Can anybody answer my questions regarding Apple closing down iTunes ?

If they’re getting rid of iTunes then How are people supposed to sync music and videos from other sites to their devices, what about purchased music, videos , apps and in app purchases and what about iCloud since iCloud is a part of iTunes?

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  • 6 months ago

    Yes. Apple can answer all of your questions.

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    6 months ago


    You are just getting confused by the news trying to scare people and make headlines to get clicks. In the simplest terms they are basically just renaming it. Putting music in a "Music" store and videos in a "videos" store etc...

  • 6 months ago

    Apple DOES NOT CARE how you use other sites.

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    6 months ago

    iTunes, as in the macOS app is being split up to Music, Apple TV & Podcasts. On macOS the iPhone sync process would be now in the Finder (after updating to macOS Catalina). On Windows nothing will change. Nothing would also change for people who don't or can't update to Catalina.

    Purchased content will remain as is.

    iCloud is a separate service that iTunes uses, again no change there.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    They're basically getting Mac Os to match with iOS. There will be separate apps for music, videos, podcasts etc. According to initial reports, you'll use the Music app to sync music, the Podcast app to sync podcasts, the Video app to sync video etc. Instead of iTunes being a one stop shop to manage everything, it will be broken into more specialized apps.

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    6 months ago

    From Engadget, "Apple announced that the next version of macOS (10.15) will be known as Catalina. This is the one that breaks up the software formerly known as iTunes into three new apps: Music, Podcast and TV. We didn't get a ton of details on how they'll work on the desktop, but it certainly appears that iTunes isn't really "dead.""

    My opinion: So... the new music app will deal with music synch; TV will deal with video (and movie) synch. It might be similar to the way Photos stores images and video, and synchs through iTunes... Or not. If you are in a Windows desktop environment and not MacOS, expect support to be handled similarly...

    Clarification: iCloud is not "part of iTunes". iCloud is a standalone cloud storage receptacle that can store music, video, movies, photos, spreadsheet, presentations, and other documents... Your iCloud account is also used when tracking your idevice when using "Find my iPhone" (I can locate my iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac desktops, iPads and AirPods assuming they are on and somehow connected to the internet). So... iTunes is just another app that can use data stored to the cloud service Apple provides/maintains that happens to be called iCloud.

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