Why would a German piano built in 1920 have Grand Prix Turin 1911 written on it?

I have an restored Dörner Stuttgart piano that according to its serial number was built in 1920 but there is text right above the keys that says Grand Prix Turin 1911. I was just wondering whether anyone could shed some light on why that might be?

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    Apparently there was some kind of piano-building competition in Turin in 1911, and this company won a Big Prize (that's what Grand Prix means). So on pianos it made in the years afterwards they advertised that they'd won this award.

    Very often when you buy a new car that's won an award from JD Powers there will be a decal on the window that says 'JD Powers Award'. Many bottles of wine (or olive oil, or balsamic vinegar) have 'medals' on them that they company won in competitions.

    • Roger the Mole
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      I agree. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turin_International for details.

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