Are you concerned about the affect of 5-G on your health?

They say it can cause tissue damage and cancer in humans, animals and plants.

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    I've been designing radio and electronics equipment for several decades. I've also regularly worked with gear using far higher power levels than consumer items.

    The power levels used in mobile phones, WiFi etc. are far too low to cause any harm at all.

    As with many things, it's not _what_ you are exposed to, it's how much of it; low levels of electromagnetic radiation have no effect at all, they cannot be perceived.

    Also, any absorbed by your body is dissipated as heat, such as small amount it is imperceptible. Nothing "accumulates" over time.

    The legal limit sets the maximum level anyone can be exposed to at 0.01 watts per square centimetre.

    You get ten times that level of exposure from normal sunlight, where you _can_ feel warmth from the energy being dissipated in your flesh.

    (And note that the10mW level is absolute-worst-case, not average - a typical level is a tiny fraction of that, less than from room lighting etc).

    Saying 5G (or any other consumer radio gear) is dangerous is as stupid as saying you can cook food with the WiFi in a phone or laptop, 'cos it's the same frequency as a microwave over uses - but ignoring the fact that a typical microwave over is about 20,000 times more powerful and the item being cooked in a metal box that does not let any of that energy to escape.

    Another comparison would be light from a normal room filament lamp vs sunlight through a magnifying glass to burn things - same "stuff", but different intensities by massive amounts.

    Does that make all light dangerous?

    It's all conspiracy theorists with no technical understanding plus scammers preparing to sell "protection" gimmicks that do absolutely nothing or actually increase EM exposure, as mobile phones automatically increase transmit power if the signal is weakened!

    (Note that advertising or selling such so-called protection devices is illegal in Europe, where there are better consumer protection laws).

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    Yes, extremely. I feel this is the US Government trying to kill us with high frequency sounds. Don't switch to 5G. In fact, switch to a Jitterbug flip. Don't let the Government learn more than what they already know. You want to know why most people switch their cell phones and look at people who don't like they are insane? It is because the Government

    wants you to and use mind control to get their way. Don't let them

    This is NOT to scare you

    But it IS to warn you

    its to warn you ALL

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    Nope. Not even a little bit.

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    i dont worry about it, you can get cancer frorn nothing causing it too

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    5G, the next evolution in cellular WiFi.

    No I’m not because animal studies are done to an extreme. For example, an animal is given the same amount of saccharine that animal person would eat in the same period. So if the average person uses 5 grams of saccharine each day, the mouse is given 5 grams. Think about that. Look at the w/w (weight to weight ratio). It’s way higher for a mouse than a human.

    Mouse and humans do not have the same anatomy. A mouse skull is pretty thin compared to a human skull. Just because 5g can penetrate a mouse skull doesn’t mean it’ll penetrate a human skull.

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    Not yet and not really.

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    Who is "they"?

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    Do they have degrees?

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    I don't even KNOW what a 'G' is !!!!

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