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What is wrong with me?

Hey! Im 13, I've got anxiety but im getting therapy for that soon, But also i don't think that's the only thing wrong with me, im constantly feeling hopeless, I sometimes have episodes of depression, but they don't last long at all, only for like 3 hours, and it happens 1-2 times a week, This week i got anxiety with going to school, everyone in my house were arguing with me telling me to go to school and shouting at me, my cousin was telling me i was a weirdo, and only have anxiety because i stay inside, and that's true i do just stay inside but that's because of the anxiety, so i was getting sick and tired of the argument and got about 5 blood pressure tablets and threatened my family that i'd take them, I just feel like no one can help me, and im never going to get through this. Please answer, Serious answers only. God bless.


I so badly want to go to school, and i want to socialise, get an education, But the mix of anxiety/Lazyness/depression puts a wall infront of me

Update 2:

I used to be so happy, I had so many friends, Non-Anxiety, Never sad, But i started Comprehensive school then got bullied, How i reacted to that - I just stayed inside, didn't go school, Because i was scared, i was afraid of being bullied and being put in my uncomfort zone, that's how i got the anxiety, then i moved school, started well, But then i got bullied again, Verbally and Physically, I got punched and kneed in the face, so i didn't go for 2 weeks

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    You will get over this because you were given all the strength you need. Don't let some idiot kids dictate your future to you. Don't be afraid of being hurt or even feeling humiliated. Just go to school and avoid the bullies or report them. If they hit you, hit them back. Bullies are cowards who pick on someone they think won't stand up for themselves. Don't let them win. School phobia can become a generalized anxiety disorder later in life so go to school, learn all you can. I know you can do it.

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    Don't get down because of what other people think about you, and you might want to have a counselor. I have an anxiety disorder, and I'm just about your age and I got a counselor and it helped me a lot with life. I started out as girl who was contemplating suicide, and without the moral support from my counselor I wouldn't be who I am today.

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    change your diet and walk the sun

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    Stress and anxiety can be a very personal thing. At 13, you have a lot of things going on physically, socially, and emotionally. It is great that you are reaching out to a therapist, yet it is important not to depend solely on a therapist. We can look at how we spend our time, and work towards including some positive things like exercise, writing in a journal, and activities that help express our feelings. Being bullied can be frightening. Look for support through teachers and administrators especially regarding the physical bullying. That definitely needs to be reported. Also, look for ways to reduce the risk such as avoiding those individuals as much as possible.

    Look for ways to reinforce the good things about yourself, that determines who you are, not what some mean individuals say. Take care of yourself, be good to yourself.

    LT, Counselor

    Source(s): Boys Town National Hotline 1-800-448-3000
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    All right. Here is your answer.

    We have ALL BEEN BULLIED in our lives. People do this all the time to others.

    The difference between you and people who can cope is the fact that they have learned adult coping skills and you have not. You actually think you should be "comfortable" around others without having to take care of yourself, be responsible and self-reliant.

    You need to learn assertiveness skills that all adults have.

    When faced with a bully we simply remain calm....we don't get nervous or act out.

    We remain cool because if we show fear, lose our tempers, shout, act out, then they have not us!

    And we TAKE CONTROL of the situation by looking the bullies in the eye and dealing strongly, assertively and we remain in charge of the situation. ALWAYS!

    The problem is that you haven't learned how to do this and your family is frustrated with this fact. they have learned this and use it every day in their lives. You have not and EXPECT to be kept "comfortable" instead of vital, independent, responsible and self reliant.

    Perhaps you need medication.

    Perhaps you need hospitalization.

    Perhaps you just need to become more independent and less dependent.

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    It’s good you are getting professional help for your anxiety.

    There is additional help…

    From your comment, “God bless”, sounds like you have faith in God.

    So you’ll probably appreciate the practical advice he provides for those who suffer from anxiety.

    “Throw all your anxiety on [God], because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7) The Bible gives the assurance that God can help you to gain relief from your anxieties.

    Check out the following link, it brings you to free online articles that have practical advice to reduce anxiety and improve our joy (scroll down to the section under stress and anxiety, the section under depression may have some topics that apply as well) …

    I hope this information is helpful to you

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    There is also a lot of self-help for anxiety all over the internet, and it works when we WORK IT.

    We also have to work the therapy and take the directional advice of the therapist, or it doesn't do much. Our recovery is up to us. The therapist just guides us to learn how to ease our anxiety, etc. He or she has no magic wand.

    Stop threatening to harm yourself. That makes no sense at all. Why? Because YOU are the one who has to live with yourself and your actions. You're only hurting yourself

    Use rational thinking.

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    youre a kid, you have too much free time and no real responsibilities like having a job, hence you are bored so spend your time being depressed and in anxiety, thats all it is, ive been through this in my childhood, go find something to keep you busy so that you have less time available to have anxiety, when ur focused on something, your anxiety will dissappear.

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    are you overweight? are you depressed because you feel you are fat? if thats the case, you need to cut weight and be confident about yourself.

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