Should I follow her back?

My ex and I broke up many years ago and we lost touch around 2 years ago. She was with someone else straight after me which hurt but he cheated on her which resulted in her apologising to me for the way she left, at that point I told her I couldn’t be in touch with her as it hurts too much and I need move on, she respected my decision so I deleted her off all my social media and we stopped talking on good terms, that was around 2 years ago. I hadn’t heard from her since then, but 3 days ago she started following me on Social media, I followed her back but she didnt message me or anything, so I deleted her this morning but kinda regret it after. Did I do the right thing or would it be weird if I added her back?

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  • SW-6
    Lv 6
    1 year ago

    You did what you thought right in the confused state you seem to be in. Now this is me, and the way I see it, IMO, After YEARS of dating, the games, the lies, the cheating, the divorce, etc. I can only remember that life is short. That little bit of time you have on earth should be spent as happy and joyful as possible. Not in sorrow, confusion, pain, depression, wondering, etc. If I am you? I would look back at what we had and why we broke up. DO NOT ignore any part of the character of this woman and know what you left, or what you may inherit again if you got back together. DO NOT ignore any part of you or your character if you were a big reason that you are ex's. I would know that we both need to grow in some way and cant get past any bad if we are together. Plus the fact that there are a gazillion other men / women out there I have a better chance of achieving the good relationship my life deserves. To me, Life is too short to settle for anything that is so shaky. I am not risking wasting another week month year on a 2nd chance that may very well end the same way it did before. IMO - I would let it go, concentrate on getting myself over hauled, get out there and hope for the best. Life is just too short. Good luck my friend :)

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    You did the right thing by removing her from your life, by moving on. The past is the past, I'd leave it that way.

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