Husband always says “stupid” or “no brain”?

Hi i am 26 and married with 48 years old man, what do you think if a husband always says stupid or no brain to his wife only because of small problems, like i am telling him about decoration idea for the room, and when he doesn’t agree with my idea, he will says “you stupid or no brain” and blablabla, and same when i made even very small mistakes, do you think he actually has right to say that to me?

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    1 year ago
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    Gurl you are a strong one than me to put up with any man calling me stupid or no brain. ANd I gotta say, he is correct in his summation of you if you stay and put up with it. No disrespect to you, but I always wonder why women settle for garbage as if these S-holes are the only men on earth. There are a gazillion other men out there who will do right by you from the start till the end. Think about your future, your dignity, your life. If you think so little of yourself that you would stay with a man who is so disrespectful to you, then stay and get yelled at. IF you find some "ovaries" and decide you deserve better than this - leave his raggedy behind and concentrate on the respect and good lie you deserve. Good luck to you :)

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