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Is it possible to have asthma attacks in your sleep, and wake up with them in the middle of the night?

And if so, is that a sign that my asthma's getting worse, and that it's probably already getting out of hand? Only, this seems to be happening to me a lot just lately. I'm 40 and I've been asthmatic all my life, but I only ever used to get trouble with it in the daytime. Now, however, I'm getting a lot of trouble with it of a night. Many nights, I'm waking up, having attacks- (talk about a bloody rude awakening!), and some nights, it's so bloody bad, that it stops me sleeping altogether. I didn't even think you could have asthma attacks while you sleep. Is it possible? I mean, it must be, if it's happening to me, right?

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    You can wake up and find yourself having an attack,i have also had asthma all my life, you must get to a doctor and get medication to get better control of your asthma, there is medication that you just take at night to prevent attacks, please, see a doctor.

  • Jason
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    As a matter of fact, one of the key questions we ask about asthma is: "Are you having symptoms that wake you up at night?" That is an indicator of poor asthma control. You need to get in to see your asthma care provider.


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  • Greg
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    Yes and no.

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