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I am losing weight fast because I am eating low calories, is this good or bad?

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    Bad if you are eating to little calories. If you are losing more than 1 pound per week you should increase the calories slightly. Dieting to hard will only lead to metabolic damage and weight re gain, so take it slow and make it last

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    If you're eating about 75% of what you previously did, and cutting out mostly the junk food and sugary stuff, you'll probably lose about a pound or two a week.

    That's a safe and sane rate of weight loss. "Fast" weight loss is not such a good idea. Your skin won't shrink as fast as your insides, and it'll wrinkle and sag. Your muscle strength will weaken. You'll be more subject to illnesses, too.

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    Bad. Caloric restriction leads to the anorexogenic cycle where everything you eat is stored in your fat cells, making you fatter.

    Your weight loss is water and muscle.

    Low sugar/fructose. That's what you need to restrict as you do alcohol.

    Source(s): "Fat Chance..." by Dr. Robert Lustig M.D.
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    That is good, as that would be the expected result.

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