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Withholding meals as punishment child abuse?

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    If it's not it should be, withholding food is bad for their development and most people in america believe that every child has a rite to safety, shelter, food, and education.

    Unless they are being a pain, then withholding a meal once in awhile(like once a every other week) mite be ok.

    Just remember that kids are usually more of a pain in the butt when hungry, I have worked in child care long enough to know that!

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    As with most things, it all depends on context.

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    If it's a case of "you either eat that or go hungry," that would not be abuse. If they're actually withholding food entirely at meal time, that's abusive.

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    Not if the kid is fat & actually you’d be doing them a favor

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  • 1 year ago

    Yes it is.

  • 1 year ago


    For most children in America, it would be the opposite of abuse.

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    Not feeding a kid... that'll sound great in court

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