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Is raw milk safe to drink ?

I am on a primal diet just now and I'm thinking of adding in raw milk as the pasteurized stuff gives me IBS because it's been processed etc. I am in Scotland where raw milk is banned, ridiculous eh :/. I can order it from a farm in England if I want to but the fear is stopping me. The farmer I called says it is not dangerous if you keep in it the fridge and start off slow and drink more as you get use to it as your gut flora will have to have time to get use new source of nutrition that's coming into their home along with new kinds of bacteria. I'm still not sure man. What do you think ? take a risk or no?

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  • Janet
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    It is if the cow is checked regularly to make sure she is tuberculosis-free.

    I lived in the country for a while and bought raw milk locally. And never had any trouble adjusting to it (I didn't start off slow like this farmer advises you). The cream rises to the top, almost in gloppy strands, and you have to mix back into the skim milk before you pour out a glass. OR you can skim off the cream and use it to make butter in a blender (along

    with some salt). Or ice cream .. as long as you don't mind drinking the skim milk left behind.

    I suppose the reason it is banned is because it costs the government to regulate the health of cows and the safety of their milk.

    Far easier just to pasteurize it and then it is safe for sure.

    No, it really isn't ridiculous that raw milk is illegal. There is nothing ridiculous about getting tuberculosis.

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    yes milk is better food

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    If you have access to raw milk, then drink it. If it's "banned", it's banned from being sold in retail stores. It's your business whether you get raw milk from an individual.

    And why are you drinking milk at all? It's loaded with sugars and fattening as heck

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    Milk is pasteurized for good reason. I can't imagine why anyone would drink raw milk, even from their own well-kept cows. Your abdominal discomfort is not caused by pasteurization: it is either a lactose intolerance or an intolerance to one or more of the proteins in milk. Pasteurization changes neither of those.

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    I call BULLSHIT on the IBS from "processed" milk. If that were the case, everything that was pasteurized would also cause it. That means every thing cooked or canned that you eat or drink.

  • rena
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    Raw milk comes straight from inside the you can imagine what might be lurking in it, that is why its pasteurised. It isn't advisable to drink raw milk, but you can if you want.

  • Anton
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    " I am in Scotland where raw milk is banned, ridiculous eh :/. "

    " Is raw milk safe to drink ? "

    -- DUH! Raw milk is banned *because* it is not safe.

    " The farmer I called says it is not dangerous if .... "

    -- IF means it *IS* unsafe.

    " ... your gut flora will have to have time to get ... with new kinds of bacteria. "

    -- Meaning the raw milk as live bacteria -- bacteria you will be sick with.

    " I am on a primal diet .... "

    -- yeah.... First, your "primal diet" should not use modern fruits, vegetables, etc.. For meat, you should be using mice, rabbits, squirrels, etc. Which is why you have Irritable bowel syndrome. But don't worry, 12,000 years ago most people died in childhood.

  • Pearl
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    i wouldnt drink it, it dont sound safe

  • CB
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    1 year ago

    Pasteurized milk is heated to a certain number and held there for certain amount of time - some fat separation, and filtering - that is the extent of Processing -

    You are likely lactose intolerant and raw milk isn't going to help that one bit.

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