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New believer in Christ question about Sex?

So I've been with my fiancé now almost 4 years and we have lived together since then! I recently just became born again. He has not. And we've obviously had a sexual life and all since we were both not saved then. My question is now that I am saved am I supposed to stop this? I know in the Bible it says no pre marital sex which I understand but I'm confused because of our situation where we already have been for 4 years so why would we just stop? I think I'd have a hard time explaining this to him and I just want to k ow what to do.

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    Being a believer in Christ should free you and liberate you, not hold you to bondage....The Bible was written for its time period, old rules and laws, if Jesus was to walk among humans today incognito, you can bet he would be seen as a heretic, he probably wouldn't be welcomed in many churches, because the Jesus that traveled and preached the Gospels is not necessarily the same person the Romans give tribute to....the Flavians..... the Roman emperors have simply overlapped two different people to make them one for political purposes.....The Romans are under the law of sin, which is the body.......The Law of God is Eternal and is forever unchanged, there is no exception to deviate what God made he made perfect and in spirit.....not in body..... the body is an illusion of the realm, its a dream, that's what Jesus was teaching, there is no death, its an illusion...example.....Luke 17:21 The Kingdom of God comes not by observation, for behold, The Kingdom of God is within you............ Our Spirit is made of Light....... so can light be male or female? it can be all things because its one with God, we just lost our awareness of it........Sin is an illusion of this world, Salvation is a Gift from God, all things have been atoned for since God creation of all things... Ephesians 2:8-9

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    Stay virgin.

  • 6 months ago

    You're getting many fundie suggestions on how to complicate your life. But that's understandable if you've become a fundie yourself.

  • Anonymous
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    The scriptures tell us that if you become a believer and are already in a relationship, that you are to be a witness to your spouse by being kind and forgiving in the hope that they will want what you have.

    If they choose to leave, you are supposed to let them.

    Read your Bible every morning. God will direct you.

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    Nobody's "saved" in this world. That's fundie ignorance. We sin all our lives, repent, and resolve to do better. We're not eligible for salvation till we die and are judged.

    Source(s): Greek Orthodox Christian
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    One of you has to move out. Yesterday. All sexual conduct outside of hetero marriage is wrong. If your boyfriend doesn't like it, tell him to marry you.

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    Is God first in your life or is your mate? That answer will answer your question. If it's God you will stop until you're both get married in harmony with God's will. If it's your mate you will continue and you've learned how God feels about it.

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    If you are not married, then that should answer your question.

    The Bible clearly states that “God will judge fornicators.” Hebrews 13:4

    The Greek word for fornication, broadly refers to the misuse of the sexual organs of those who are not married to each other.

    Therefore, it would be wrong in God’s eyes for a couple to live together even if they intend to get married later.

    Even if a couple are deeply in love, God still requires that they marry before enjoying sex.

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    You'd have a hard time explaining this to him? You mean he doesn't already KNOW that you've become a fundamentalist? That's sounds rather difficult to believe.

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    You must do as God shows you and you have already referred to what the Bible says.

    If you are born again you will be convicted of sin and therefore obey that conviction when you are convicted.

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