Can i still be a lesbian if i had puppy crushes on boys when i was younger?

Hi im 17 and i think im a lesbian because im rarely attracted to boys and the thought of being with one sexually doesn’t turn me on. I used to get crushes on boys when i was pre teen but when it came to acting on it, being approached by them i use to stand there uncomfortable and look like a fool. I’d crush on them from a distance but not in a i want to be with that person way but maybe it was cause they had good looks. I never really had much interest in a boy friend, so i knew something was different about me i just didn’t know what it was. I remember i had my first kiss with one at 14 and i didn’t feel anything at all, no excitement, butterflies nothing just awkwardness. Anyway from 16 i started to feel attracted to girls, they was tomboy and i went really starry eyed, i felt butterflies and blushed. Since then ive been more attracted to girls and i find myself checking them out when im out and want a relationship with one some day. Boys really just don’t turn me on even though i had crushes on them when i was younger, but romantically i think my feelings are for girls. I know most people usually know there gay at a young age but i had a hard time figuring out and it’s been a slower process. Despite that am i still lesbian?

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    1 year ago
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    There used to be a girl in my Middle School Fan Club. She was obsessed with me. She fought over me. Stalked me.... but then, after all that, she turned hardcore lesbian and started dating bill dyke lesbians.

  • 1 year ago

    Yes, a crush is not the same as sexual desire.

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