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How to create, NOT BREAK/SET, make a new world record?

I kept looking up how to make a new record, but it kept telling me how to break one. It said look up a world record and apply to it. Can someone tell me how to make a new world record in which I can apply to. Thanks in advance

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    You need some group to recognize the record. Could be Guiness, could be an Olympic Record (for a sport)...but you need a group to recognize the accomplishment.

    I can say I am the world record holder of X...but without a third party both qualifying and acknowledging the it really a world record?

  • Jay
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    1 year ago

    In order to make a new world have to break the old one.

    Example ...if you wanted to make the world record in pencil would first have to know what the OLD record was. So if the OLD record was 47 pencils...then you would need to BREAK THAT sharpening 48 pencils.

  • Judy
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    1 year ago

    Write to Guiness Book of Records suggesting a new record for them to include.

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