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How much to charge for dog sitting?

Hey everyone who does dog sitting! How much do you charge for your services? My job entails letting the dog inside and out several times for a few hours, making sure it has food and water. I will be coming over the house so I think I should charge about $5 for gas or is that too much or little? I am not staying over night and this will be occurring for 3 days. Thank you!

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  • Boomer
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    1 year ago

    Finally, a good question. It depends. Was money brought up when talking about the situation? Is this a friend or are you trying to do a small business type thing? If it's a friend, they should offer you an amount, or offer to do something in return for you. If it's not a friend, $5 for gas is not nearly enough for several times a day. If it were me and I was close, I'd ask for $10-$20 per day if it was a friend. That would be a steal compared to what a professional would charge. But, since I have pets, I would do it for free, so that when I needed my pets watched, I could count on them doing the same for me. If it's not a friend, I would start at $25 per day if you are close.

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    Depends on whether you are a business that has insurance and experience / qualifications.

    If no then you charge nothing more than a bit of pocket money

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    My pet sitter is certified in pet first aid, bonded and insured. She charges $30 for a 15 minute visit. She lives very close, so gas/mileage is not an issue.

    Overnight (10PM to 7AM) is $100 flat fee.

  • *****
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    Are you bonded and insured? Taken a pet first aid course? Are you an adult? Do you have any other qualifications? All these factors affect the rate you can fairly charge, as well as your location. If you're not an insured, bonded professional, look up what such people charge in your area, and divide by about three. Keep in mind that, without insurance and bonding, if anything happens to their pets or property while under your care, you are personally financially responsible for it (or your parents are, if you're a minor).

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    Probably the best thing to do is contact someone that is already doing this and describe the circumstances as nearly as you can and how much they would charge. This is really the only way that will be fair both to the person that owns the dog and to yourself. If it matters at all $5 sounds too little.

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    ok so im not a dog sitter but a man with good knowledge and common sense. so the question about gas is hard because no one here knows how far you have to travel in total. but I would charge $150 that's $50 a day depending how far they are from you.

    UPDATE: do not charge by the HR EVER only charge by the day so either charge them $80 for 3 days or charge them $150 for 3 days.

    UPDATE #2: if you are an adult and you have some type of common sense there is no need to know dog first aid anything it does not take rocket science to keep a dog alive ffs people .

  • 1 year ago

    i would charge rninirnurn wage

  • 1 year ago

    About $20 an hour minimum.

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