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I feel too hot but it isn't actually hot?

I'm underweight so I'm always colder than everyone else unless it's very hot weather. But today I'm feeling really hot even though the temperature isn't very high (it's a bit warmer than usual but certainly not 'boiling').

There's a room in my house thats always cold and I'm sitting in it with the window open and I'm still too warm!

Should I be concerned or should I just ignore it?

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    1 year ago

    Some people have higher body temperatures than others, and it can be normal.

    A person with cold hands and feet may have weaker body constitution, and that is a "worse" case than you.

    Please see the doctor if you want to be doubly sure.

    You are not having a fever right?

    Take care.

    We all need God in these times.

    Read the Bible at :

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    I usually feel hot when it isn t actually hot, mainly happens when I walk past the mirror or see my reflection in the window I just burn up and feel hot as ****!

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