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Im on a diet but my friend wants me to let myself go for her bday?

I've been losing weight for a few months and people say how good I look for it so I want to carry on!

Its my friend bday coming up and she's got the day planned to do day drinking, lunch out, dinner and evening drinks.

I'm a bit worried the impact this will have on my diet. What do u think the damage will be?

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    The damage done? You will gain some water weight, lose it over the following few days and be back on track. Don't miss out on fun things just because you are dieting. 1 day of fun doesn't ruin 3 months of work plus the months of work that are going to follow. Live your life.

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    Very little, especially if you prepare for it. The day before AND the day after - drink PLENTY of water and eat slightly less than usual. When your drinking on the day, stick to spirits with 0 calorie mixers wherever possible (vodka soda, gin soda, rum and coke zero, tequila and diet lemonade etc). You will probably still go over your calorie limit but if you have been consistently losing weight then you have most likely been under your calorie limit for day will make very little difference

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    You can still go out and have a good time without messing up your diet too much. Eat chicken wings, and salad, for example. Or a steak and vegetables. And if you're going to drink, try vodka and sparkling water with a piece of lime.

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    The "damage" will depend on how many calories and how many carbohydrates you consume.

    Please stop and think for a moment. Your "diet" isn't a temporary thing. If you want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight you need to adopt a permanent lifestyle change that allows for occasional splurge and celebrations. That doesn't mean you have to go off the rails for your friend's birthday. Moderation is the key. Drink seltzer water with a lime or maybe a diet soda instead of a lot of booze. Moderate your portion sizes and or select menu items that fit your diet. This really isn't that hard.

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  • Eva
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    7 months ago

    You'll be very ill from drinking too much. Alcohol has a lot of empty calories and then when you add the calories from the mixers it's even worse. Being tipsy also lowers your resistance to high calorie foods. Try to make good choices for your meals. Drink slowly and try a wine spritzer or light beer, and not more than 1 an hour. Stop and think if it's really worth it to feel so lousy the next day, especially if you've been on a low fat diet and eat high fat foods while you're out.

    • Chris
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      She would need to eat/drink 3500 calories over her TDEE to gain 1 LB.

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    Do what makes you happy.....

    If you want to splurge, then go right on ahead. One day isn't going to derail all of the progress you've made. At the same time, if you truly feel comfortable with eating healthy while it's your friend's birthday...then keep going. Explain to your friend why you'd prefer eating healthier for that day. It could be that, because you've stayed away from those foods for a long period of time, you don't want it as much.

    Sometimes it is true.... "Out of sight, out of mind".

  • kelvin
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    7 months ago

    depends what and how much you eat

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    One "binge" day is not going to destroy months of dieting. Just because you are out celebrating does not mean that you can not keep a reasonable limit on your calorie intake. Limit the number of drinks you have, make healthy selection at lunch and dinner, and limit yourself to a single piece of cake and you should be fine.

    When you spend a lot of time on a diet your body will adjust the metabolism to fit your calorie intake level. An occasional binge day can boost the metabolism back up for a short time and burn off the extra calories for you.

  • 7 months ago

    A one day binge won't affect your diet. Just don't make it a habit.

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