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Is my Dad dangerous?

I sometimes sneak downstairs to get a snack late at night and I always see my dad playing games on his computer because he is an insomniac. He's like 50, so him playing computer games is weird to begin with, but also he is playing this real old WW2 game called Battlefield1942 and he always plays the Nazis team. He also wears this Nazi cap and listens to Nazi march song MP3s while he plays.

He doesn't talk about racist stuff ever, but seeing him playing that game with that music and Nazi cap on scares the poop out of me. Is he dangerous? Should I report him to the cops? PS I am a 17 year old girl. His Nazi cap he wears is like the one in the picture


Also he is half German and Half Italian and he likes to joke that his heritage is the Axis Powers which means the bad guys of WW2.

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    Nothing you have said would indicate he is bad or dangerous person, example me as a German also jokes about... Somethings is actually not a horrible person. Jokes don't = horrible personality. Insomnisom isnt a reason to assume negativity.

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    not if hes not doing anything dangerous, rnaybe you should ask your dad why hes watching all that

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    Don't be silly and show yourself up to the cops and waste their time over nothing. He's playing computer games in the middle of the night and has Nazi fantasies. You've been eavesdropping on part of his private life. When he starts driving a tank up the street and shooting people, that's when the authorities will get involved.

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