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what is the purpose of the Shaolin temple? (Past and Present)?


I know the martial arts are still involved, but is it more about religious practice or more to train those who are involved in the martial arts

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    First and foremost, true Shaolin are Buddhists, and martial artists as a distant second. These days, though, as their spiritual beliefs are in conflict with tenets of communism (despite the PRC arguably being communist in name only), many left China and you'd be hard-pressed to find authentic Shaolin followers there. The Shaolin temples (there are more than one) in existence there now are mainly populated by acrobats and wushu practitioners who are sanctioned by the PRC government in order to generate revenue for the state via tourism and preying on aspiring martial artists who don't know any better.

    So, previously, the purpose of the temples was spiritual in nature, but currently, they are there to make money.

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    There are a lot of shaolin temples. They train sanda now if they're smart

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    Current closest to old tradition is Shoalin Temple in South Korea, religious training in Buddhist concepts, Zen path and Bul Mong Son as Shaolin Martial Arts for religious students. Martial arts NOT taught to other than students there- but some demonstrations and a few Senseis will teach some drill off site to other martial artist students . Tibetan Temple is pretty much shut down by Chinese occupiers of Tibet but a Zen Temple 20 miles or so inside China is still active, not bothered Much by Chinese Security. . . . Katas were ''moving meditation', some of techniques were for protection in early days before gun powder, some drills with farm implements to counter edged weapons. Bo against swordsman the target for Bo was wrists, hands, elbows of swordsman first to disable or knock weapon aside.

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    Believed to have been founded in the 5th century CE, the Shaolin Temple is the main temple of the Shaolin school of Buddhism to this day.



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