android phone won't download when both wifi and data on. whats the problem?

samsung galaxy s7.

tried resetting modem/router. about to try changing the channel.

when i turned data off, it worked on wifi


have re started the phone

Update 2:

tried changing channel...won't save settings

Update 3:

my weather app is also affected

Update 4:

i have 2.4 and 5ghz..tried turning 1 off, it wouldn't turn off

Update 5:

it started working in the middle of the night and updated all my apps....

Update 6:

changing the channel on the router has reconnected my ereader as well as my friends laptop at his house....when other devices weren't working, but 1 wouldn't.

3 Answers

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    1 year ago

    sounds like your hardware is messing up.

    you might try resetting to factory. believe it or not this often works.

    otherwise, a new phone is in order.

  • Does it work the other way also, when wifi is off and data is on?

  • 1 year ago

    Do you have the "hot spot" enabled on the phone by chance? Turn it off and see if the problem goes away! If you change the channel on your router and connect to that SSID (which may be the exact same settings you are using before changing the channel) Your phone will change channels! The channel is set at the access point, not at the device you connect! You don't really have to "turn off" 2.4 or 5 gig, you simply CONNECT to the correct system. The phone will use the 5 gig if you connect to the 5 gig SSID and ignore the 2.4 SSID! If you have them both set to the same at your router --- change it! Make the one on 5 gig MySSID-5g leave the 2.4 MySSID . Learning how to use wifi critical. ! :)

    Source(s): Years of systems
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