Gmail saying my photo is making a difference?

I'm getting an email saying my photo is making a difference as the subject, and it says people like my photo. The message then goes on to say the photo has helped people over 50 times and that millions of people rely on photos like yours to see what places are like (it also shows the photo of mine it's referring to with a map of where I took the photo in the background). I don't actually have any photos shared with anyone outside, so I'm not sure how this is happening other than it says at the bottom of the email message:

"You received this email because you contributed user content to Google. If you don't want these updates anymore, you can unsubscribe here."

This is concerning because I don't want photos on my drive to be leaked somehow to random people. Was curious if this is anything to worry about, but I'm just confused as to why Gmail is making it sound like I'm sending photos to people online when I'm not. Thanks.

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  • keerok
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    1 year ago

    Wait for the next message that asks you for a donation...

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  • I'm guessing, but perhaps the GPS coordinates in the metadata are letting people view the location.

    I've used Street View to see old addresses, and it's interesting to see, for example, that a house from one's past is completely gone.

    The following address is well-known, and the house is still there:

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