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Clearing green pool?

So I m trying to figure out what I m doing wrong to clear my pool. I shocked it once and it did nothing so I tried adding the phosphate remover and then reshocking again but it s still green. When I test the water I m getting the chlorine reading between 5-10. So I know it still has a lot of chlorine. While ALK, pH, and CyA are so low that they are not even registering when I test the water. What is the next step. I ve never had an issue with keeping my pool blue until this year.

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    Green is not a chlorine issue, so you have two issues: 1) too much chlorine and 2) a bacteria issue. Green means slime - too much bacteria. I know chlorine is supposed to kill bacteria but it can only do so much and more chlorine is not the answer. The pool needs to be cleaned at this point - square 1.

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    Drain it and power wash it and suck out the green goop. Rainfall is what messes it up.

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    I haven't owned a pool in the last 5 or 6 years but before that had one for 12 years. I let it sit one winter and it turned a deep green. I tried everything too and then a pool guy told me that you get rid of green algae one way and one way only. Loads of chlorine and constant purging of the filter. Took me about a week to ten days after to clear it up. Heavy doses of chlorine and circulate then flush the filter. Heavy chlorine circulate for a day then flush the filter. Keep that up and it slowly clears up.

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