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does somebody saying 'my favourite colour is white' and another responding 'what a surprise' indicate anything..?

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    The person who says their favorite color is white is unimaginative and the second speaker tells us the first speaker is well known for that.

    Source(s): My favorite color is gray, but not very light or very dark.
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    not specifically when taken out of context, but definitely, it CAN be meant to mean something very particular.

    If the statement "what a surprise" is (as is probable) made ironically or sarcastically, it would tend to mean that the favoring of white things was already completely obvious to all. There are many possible reasons that could be. It could even be that the guy is an obviously racist bigot and white would, of course, be his favorite color, but it could also mean that the person is always wearing white and most things he owns are white-dominated, so saying white is his favorite color is screamed every moment of his life by the things he wears and owns.

    So of course, it likely does indicate "something". the question is simply what. The statement likely would not have been made in the first place if it did not indicate "something". People tend to say words that mean something, when they say them, even the empty words of greeting.

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    white is not a colour.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    It's usually said with a tinge or sarcasm. If you wear white clothes, have white towels and sheets etc, then say your favourite colour is white, then you're stating the obvious.

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    1 year ago

    No, your're reading too much into it.

  • 1 year ago

    Yes, probably, but it's hard to say what. I'd have to know the tone of voice it was said in. Maybe the person meant it was no surprise to them that the person likes white. Maybe it really was a surprise.

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