Karina asked in PetsCats · 2 years ago

Enzyme Detergent?

Hello. My cat peed on my blanket. I didn’t see him do it but I know he did because it smells like urine. I put the blanket in a plastic bag. It smells like ammonia. The bag has been sitting in my porch for about two weeks.

I read that an enzyme detergent it’s what I need to get rid of the smell. I don’t really care if it’s permanently stained. I just want the bacteria/smell gone!!!

Will an enzyme detergent really fix the problem? Or is getting rid of the blanket the better solution?


1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    my favorite cleaner is nature's miracle--just follow the instructions (amazon has it) and omg don't put it in a bag-cuz now it is getting all moldy too!

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