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How exactly does Martial arts build "confidence" or "character"?

My younger brothers always been a quiet type. He used to get bullied in school and picked on by little kids, he was also daddy's punchbag whenever he got drunk, until mum called the police for putting my brother in hospital.

Anyway my younger brother he started doing martial arts and he's still been training for a few years.

But he's still a dweeb. Sometimes on nights out In bars or on the street I pretend fight him and sit on him and easily overpower him. He's also really quiet when the other lads get drunk and loud and he's quiet as a mouse.

He lacks serious confidence and i bet money with the lads I went out that my bro won't be able to offer that hot girl a drink. We cajoled him like mad but he was too chicken.

He's a weed. What's more sometimes I've sat on the benches in his class and stared giving snake eyes to the rest of the students but they look away. Weak lame weeds. The kind you want to kick their head off and use it as a mop.

I never needed martial arts. You mess with me you mess with my mob!

What character have these students developed exactly?

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    Depends on the person. If you don't believe in yourself that's a problem. Confidence builts when you know you have the skills and you know you can take that ramdom guy out without problems.

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    6 months ago

    martial arts is only about fighting. its not gonna suddenly make you some kind of cassanova. and not all martial arts are gonna be good enough to prepare you for an actual fight.

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      Complete bollocks answer. People practice martial arts for a number of reasons including fitness, spiritual growth, hobby, self defense, and fighting.

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