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Why are there so many horrible untalented musicians and one-hit-wonders these days?

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    Great Music has died off, after the very early 2000s.

    The young generation don't know how to make Music ( what else is new ) and the young writers can't write a decent or make good movies anymore. They all SUCK!!!

    The avengers? that's a movie for a 12 year old kid, but millennial's are like zombies today, what would you expect.

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    Now the era is an era of expression not an industrial era. poor in singing can be covered with attractive expressions or packaging that clearly will be preferred by many people. To explore the science of expression, we give guidance here.

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    Untalented musicians getting famous is nothing new, so it's not these days. As for the endless parade of one-hit wonders, that's the fault of the internet.

    I only pick on bands I like (too easy to pick on bands you hate), so let's take a look at two of the most (and least) successful and influential bands from the 1980's: Metallica and Motley Crue. 'Tallica pioneered the thrash sound and made it popular, while the Crue were the undisputed setters of Hollywood hair metal. And both of them made some very respected and successful albums.

    But take a listen to their early demo tapes, even their first professional albums, and you'll quickly realize they weren't always that good. Both bands were downright horrible when they started out, in fact. It takes time and practice and more time and more practice to get good. Bands can't really do that for very long these days. If a band today manages to release three full length albums, they're considered legendary classic rock. Because the internet.

    Back in the old days, there literally was no internet. Phones were big things that plugged into the wall, and data was found in big heavy drives called books. If you wanted to listen to music, you had three options: Buy an album, listen to the radio, or watch MTV / Much Music. People would wait in line at record stores for their band's latest album to hit the shelves, then they'd tune in to the radio or MTV and phone in their votes for the weekly Top Ten. And if your favourite band / single / album didn't top the charts this week, better luck next week or next album.

    It doesn't work like that anymore. If Motley or Metallica were just hitting the scene today, nobody would even care. This is the smartphone age, where any idiot with a keyboard can crap out the next viral hit on YouTube today and be completely forgotten tomorrow. This is the age where a complete loser can become an immortal celebrity just by being born rich and having sex with people.

    If you don't believe me, Kim Kardashian. Real Housewives. Teen Mom. Justin Beeber. Kanye West. Say all those names 20 years from now, and everyone will ask you what the hell you are talking about.

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    Very easy with modern technology for virtually anyone to make a recording. With "electric" drums & auto-tune, you can be a dreadful singer & still get by (e.g.: Adele - yikes!)

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  • because music is about money not talent nowadays

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    It's probably because there's more money in the current musical trends and not in the taste of old dinosaurs like us.

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    Because the industry can make an absolute fortune off of them. It's very corrupt. They only need an image, talent comes second.

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    maybe lots of ppl wish to be famous...

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    Because looks come first. Notice how almost all popstars these days are either hot or beautiful. Plus, popular songs tend to sound the same. Music companies know that, and they have songwriters churning out hit after hit as they continually rely on the same pop music formula.

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    The way I see it is these are people who have had at least one hit. Considering how difficult it would be to have ANY hits, they have more success than the majority of musicians.

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