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I have a Bettas in a ten gallon tank. He is constantly swimming back a forth on one side (glass surfing?).?

We just stocked the tank with new plants, he lives with some ghost shrimp but has never attacked them or seemed to notice them. The tank is cycled and nothing is toxic just checked today. He also had a past of biting his tail but that was when he lived in a 4 gallon and since then we’ve moved him into the 10 gallon with lots of hidden spaces and live plants and has seemed to stop. It’s been about 2 weeks in the 10 gallon. He still seems to just glass surf ALL day. I always make sure to keep a light on in the room when the tank light is on so there isn’t a reflection he doesn’t flare only swims back and forth so I’m not sure why if it’s because he sees himself or if he’s stressed etc. I doubt it’s boredom because we just changed his tank around . He eats 3 pellets every other day and dried bloodworms occasionally to switch it out. Is this normal?

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    It is not really normal. Bettas are more of a hovering fish, if he stayed in one place all day, I would be less concerned, Its great that he is not nipping his fins, but he definitly sounds stressed.

    Is the temperature stable at a temperature between 78-82 day and night?

    betas are aggressive to other betas, and fish that they mistake for other betas . but that doesnt mean that they want to live a life of solitude. Many beta fish often thrive in tanks with carefully selected tankmates. You might consider adding somthing, maybe 6 harlequin rasbora, or galaxy rasbora, or ember tetra. unfortunatly options are further limited with a ten gallon.

    If you decide to do add more fish, do it on a day and time when you can watch them often. keep a back up plan in mind. worste case senario is , you have to give the new fish away.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Usually problems have to do with stress/shock reactions to water conditions , mistakes in maintaining the aquarium and sudden changes.

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    Sounds like he is patrolling his territory.

    I used to keep bettas and honestly, they don’t do a whole lot.

  • Andy C
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    2 years ago

    How cheap are Bettas? Just get one that is normal.

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