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I own a 1970 mobile home and I keep smelling a foul order coming from the toilet sewage smell and when I wash clothes .the toilet makes a?

Gurgle sound and the water goes all the way down to till you can see any water .is thus a easy fix because I do not have the money to hire a plumber and I'm only living here till I can move I to a elderly apartment complex

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    First & FAST. Fill up a soda bottle with water.(basically a cup of water) and pour it down every sink drain and FLOOR DRAIN.( Usually that is located near the water heater tank or between the laundry room and the bathroom or in the kitchen (on the floor) as a 4" chrome disc full of round holes or a 4" circular black plastic stops big stuff from going through but allows water to go down. Many times a piece of furniture or rug covers it over. It has what is called a Pee trap, it stops the smell of Pee or other sewer gases to blow up into the room but still allow water to drain down and out of the house. If you look under the bathroom sink or the kitchen sink you will see a "U" in the plumbing. Water sits in the "U" that keeps the smell in the sewer and allows water to drain down.

    . So, how many sinks do you have? Remember the shower you now use as a closet instead. If there was suppose to be water used in it then it has a Pee trap.

    This is the official Plumbing term. Every drain has a Pee trap. Any can dry up. Adding a cup of water will hold it for a Year or longer. You can never over fill them so add a cup or 100 gallons makes no difference. A cup is all you need.

    You see, everytime you flush the toilet that "chunk of water" enters the septic or sewer system and that displaces air that is stinky and forces it up the dry P traps like a "POOF" of stench. Does not smell like Pooh or Pee because there is shampoo, hair conditioner, bleach, cooked turnips, etc is poured into the drain and it is all decomposing. That is the foul odor you smell. You FIRST GOT TO STOP IT FROM ENTERING THE HOUSE. Somewhere, some drain has not been used ever. Usually it is a floor drain as there was a time when all floors were wet mopped. Now with dry mops and vacuum cleaners and brooms it is forgotten so they dry up.

    Then air out the house.

    I worry less about the toilet malfunctioning . It just has a small pee trap and not a big pool of water to defecate into. It is a style of some toilets.

    If the smell is coming out of the bowl, either get a different style. Maybe the landlord has a different toilet sitting around and you can mention the fact that the stink is coming out the bowl. He knows that is not the way it is suppose to work. (or add a 1 quart pot of water to the bowl after you finished flushing so there is more water in the bowl.) You have to slowly add it otherwise it will "flush". I have never seen a toilet that did not have its own pee trap because that is essentially what the bowl is.

    Airing out the house means washing everything that is cloth. As carpets and drapes and sofa's and ceiling and wall paint(yeah, wall paint holds onto stink like cigarette smoke or sewer smells) and other stuff. It sticks like honey.

    You will need to have the windows open and air out the house....and fight off the them this smells like a meal. And have bowls of vinegar sitting on shelves or ledges and allow the vinegar to evaporate and take the odor with it as it evaporates. Use white vinegar...otherwise the other vinegar's(wine, apple cider,cherry) attracts fruit flies.

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      None of this addresses the asker's actual problem which is: why is the water exiting the trap? The trap is supposed to trap a volume of water, and the water is leaving.

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    Maybe the mobile home isn't levelled right? The plumbing is real simple. Is the vent clear?

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    It may or may not be an easy fix. The lines could be so dirty that they need replacing or there could be a partial blockage. If you can't figure it out yourself, you will need a plumber.

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    that should not happen there is definitely some thing wrong with the plumbing

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    If you have limited income, you can get free or reduced cost plumbers.

    Contact the County or you local senior center for the people to contact.

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    This could have to do with p-traps or lack thereof. P traps are the ... downward loop in a water exit pipe, it created a barrier to gasses backing up in the pipes. If you don’t have a p trap gasses from the sewage can back up the pipes.

    You can also have a leak in the black water pipes causeing sewage to leak out under the home or even inside the home.

    Sewage smells can be from sewage, or if very strong and not related to plumbing, from dead bodies.

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    These other answers are treating your problem as if you had a blockage in your outlet - that's not what's happening. All the water is getting sucked OUT, not backing up.

    From what I remember of the last mobile I was in, the laundry is back there close to the toilet. I think what's happening is that when the washer drains, it pulls the water out of the toilet trap too - that tells me your plumbing vent is plugged.

    Get somebody up on top to check that there isn't anything blocking the vent. That's where the plumbing vent is.

    If your mobile was retrofitted with an air admittance valve (also called an AAV or Struder vent), it will be somewhere inside the mobile, probably hidden inside a wall. You're going to need to check it and make sure it isn't stuck shut. The vent is there to ensure that, when a large slug of moving water starts moving through the pipes (like a toilet flush or the laundry draining), it doesn't form a strong siphon and suck all the water out of the other drain traps on the same system. The vent lets air in to fill the pipe behind the moving slug of water, instead of it pulling a vacuum and sucking out the traps.

    If you can't get on top of the mobile, you're going to have to bring in someone who can, and preferably someone who knows how plumbing works, who can run a drain snake down that pipe. Your unit being as old as it is, I'm fairly certain it won't have an AAV. You are most likely going to need to get on the roof.

    Good luck with it.

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    your toilet's trap isn't holding water like it should -- may be cracked.

    the clothes wash gurgle is likely because the sewer line needs to be snaked out -- this is done using a power auger via the roof vent [by a plumber].

    Usually, if the partial clog causing this is in the sewer line beyond the MH [ie: underground] it is the responsibility of the MH park to clear the line -- the likely cause there is roots growing into the sewer line.

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      The toilet's trap is part of the toilet itself, and above the floor. If it were cracked it would leak where it could be seen. A crack in the pipe below the floor would not interfere with the toilet flushing, and wouldn't cause the trap's water to drain away.

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    Rid X down the drain if on a septic system, Lye otherwise.

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    I would activate some yeast with a little sugar and warm water i pour in the toilet at night flush into sepric system

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